Comparative determination of atomic boron and carrier concentration in highly boron doped nano-crystalline diamond

We have compared the total boron content and hole carrier concentration values obtained from various destructive and non-destructive quantification methods in boron doped nano-crystalline diamond films prepared over a range of doping levels, using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition.

Our main contribution lies in the optical characterization of these boron-doped diamond (BDD) layers using the non-destructive method of spectroscopic ellipsometry and the influence of the model used on the resulting hole carrier concentration. These results were compared with other methods to estimate Boron content, such as destructive secondary-ion mass spectrometry, glow discharge optical emission spectrometry or non-destructive Raman and van der Pauw Hall measurements. Finally, measured values were compared and discussed regarding their viability for estimation of total boron and electrically active boron in doped nano-crystalline diamond layers.

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